• The World's 20 Best Cities For Cyclists

    Planning on taking a trip this year and would like to bring your bikes with you? How about checking out Amsterdam? Business Insider has ranked it as the best city in the world for cyclist!

    The only Canadian representation on the list created by Business Insider was Montreal with Toronto and Vancouver missing the cut. Hopefully the increase of commuters in these metropolitan cities can drive the required changes in order to get them on upcoming lists. 


    1. Amsterdam, Holland

    Score: 83

    2011 Rank: 1

    Why It Works: Amsterdam defends the title as the world's most bicycle-friendly city in the 2013 Copenhagenize Index. The city continues to do well in nearly every category. Amsterdam does almost everything right.

    What the city lacks in a uniform infrastructure design it more than makes up for with its impressive saturation of bicycle traffic in the compact city centre. Municipal and national political will contributes to their score, as does having all the required necessities like infrastructure and facilities. The widespread 30 km/h zones are instrumental in slowing the city and keeping people safe.

    The cycling atmosphere is relaxed, enjoyable, and as mainstream as you can get. This is the one place on the planet where fear-mongering about cycling is non-existent and it shows. There are few places we enjoy urban cycling as much as in Amsterdam

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