• How to stop your bike from getting stolen and other tips


    By: Katrina Clarke  The Star Staff Reporter, Published on Mon Jun 2

    So you’ve got wheels. What’s next?

    We talked to Jeremy Axon, owner of Urbane Cyclist Worker Co-Op, Const. Victor Kwong of the Toronto Police Service, and Yvonne Bambrick, author of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide, about staying safe, avoiding theft and keeping road rage to a minimum.

    How to stop your bike from getting stolen:


    Always lock your bicycle when leaving it unattended.

    Register your bike with the Toronto police.

    Lock your bicycle by placing a chain or cable through both wheels (if possible) and the frame.

    If your bike is stolen, report it to the police — they won’t hunt for your bike but they’ll contact you if they find it.

    If using a U-lock, slide it through the frame and rear wheel and use a chain to lock the front wheel to the U-lock.

    DO NOT

    Don’t lock your bike to a tree. “(Thieves) don’t care about trees. They’ll cut it down to steal you bike,” said Axon.

    Don’t lock your bike in same spot if you commute daily. Thieves could easily track and target it.

    Don’t lock your bike to a chain-link fence — bolt cutter can snip through the fence.

    Don’t lock your bike where signs say “Do not lock bikes.” (Seems obvious, right?)


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