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  • 2015 Toronto International Bicycle Show Highlights

    The 29th annual Toronto bike show was this past weekend and it did not fail to live up to expectations. The countless amount of deals, information and excitement led to another successful spring show. This years highlights were much more than just great sale prices, the crowds were drawn to the amazing events and great competitions.  We start at the Velodrome! The mini Velodrome was built specifically for the Toronto Bicycle Show and was a major attraction. Many people got to test their skills on this compact Velodrome and received tips from the pro’s hosting this station. The BMX...

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  • Why Buy a Fixie?

    4 reasons why you should jump on a fixed gear bike this summer! 1) The culture Fixed gear bikes have become quite popular lately with the bike messenger community having a massive influence on this. Fixies are generally perceived as cool, trendy and edgy.     2) Maintenance and Design The minimalist design means very little maintenance is required on these bikes. This design also enables ease of customization and the ideas are limitless  3) Cost Due to the design the price for a fixie is generally much cheaper than the average road bike! 4) Speed and Fitness Fixed gear bikes...

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  • Seven reasons why you should take up track cycling

    For most road cyclists the idea of jumping on a bike with no brakes and no gears, dashing around a track with gravity-defying bankings, and racing at full speed within handlebar-clipping proximity of other cyclists, sounds about as appealing as an illegal rush hour time trial on the M25. But once you’ve mastered your fear of skidding across the track and getting Siberian pine splinters embedded in your gluteus maximus, you will discover that track cycling is an exciting and addictive way to boost your fitness, bike-handling skills and sportive performances. Top British road cyclists such as Sir Bradley Wiggins,...

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