How much is shipping? 

FREE! Anywhere in Canada. Charges may apply to international shipping. 

Can I test ride a bike? 

Of course! Shoot us an email to set up an appointment if you are within the GTA. All test rides are done over the weekend. 


GR1ND offers 30 days upon receipt of bike to request a refund or an exchange. Bike must be unused with all original content included in the packaging. 

The customer is responsible for shipping costs on refunds 


GR1ND frames and forks come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This covers any defects in materials and workmanship however it does not cover wear and tear. All other materials are covered for 60 days. 


GR1ND bikes arrive partially assembled (90%). Items such as but not limited to handlebars, pedals, seat posts will require either tightening or installation. We recommend that you take purchased bike to a professional service centre prior to riding. 

What is the difference between fixed and single speed/freewheel riding?

A single speed bike has 1 gear and a rider is able to coast while you pedal.  If the rider stops pedaling, the bike wheels will continue to move until it is brought to a stop by applying the brakes.

A fixed gear bike is a direct drive bike where the movement of the pedals are constant.  This means the rider does not have the ability to coast on their bike.  If the rider pedals forward, the bike moves forward.  If the rider pedals backwards, the bike moves backwards.  If a rider stops pedaling, the back wheel will stop moving.

Can I switch from single speed to fixed gear and vice versa?

Yes, all of our bikes are shipped with a rear flip-flop hub with a free wheel cog and a fixed cog.

Are there other handlebar options for your bikes?

Majority of our bikes are shipped with drop bars, however upon your request and availability, raiser bars, bullhorns and pursuits can be substituted.

Do your bikes come with brakes?

Yes, GR1ND bikes come with front and back brakes installed unless requested otherwise. We remove them for aesthetic reasons in the pictures. 

Don't see the bike color way you want on the webpage? 

Email your request to Info@gr1nd.ca